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AI assistants for SMEs: Innovation to Govern

Today we are talking about one of the most talked about news of the moment: virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence. OpenAI, Google and other tech giants promise us a digital revolution, with digital companions capable of simplifying our professional and personal lives like never before. Imagine an assistant who answers your questions, performs tasks, and suggests solutions with incredible effectiveness and naturalness. Awesome, isn't it?

For small and medium-sized businesses, the idea of having an AI assistant as their right arm is really tempting. Think about it: information requests, market analysis, content generation — all of this could be managed by a virtual partner, drastically reducing workloads and costs. But wait a minute, not all that glitters is gold.

A Reality to Face with Realism and Caution

Does this narrative of artificial intelligence as the universal savior sound too good to be true? Well, in part it is. Delegating much of your decisions and business narrative to AI systems isn't child's play. Remember, these virtual assistants are still algorithms trained on data that can incorporate various types of biases — political, social, cultural, ideological. If fed with sensitive information, they could end up telling your story in a distorted way.

And there's more. Although designed to be neutral, these assistants still reflect the priorities and strategies of their creators. In practice, they may affect your choices towards sponsored products and services. Not exactly ideal for a company that wants to maintain control of its brand identity.

The Key Is to Stay in Control

SMEs, often family-run businesses with a unique DNA, must be particularly cautious. You can't afford to entrust the entire management of your online presence and customer experience to an AI system whose decision-making mechanisms you don't fully know. The key is to create a digital journey tailored to your specific needs, where you personally govern content, touchpoints and automations.

Integrating AI opportunities in a targeted, conscious and consistent way with your strategic vision is essential. Don't be seduced by the idea of 'replacement' artificial intelligence. Every business is unique and deserves customized solutions designed for its specific needs and objectives.

Ultimately, in the new digital era, SMEs must guide their innovation path. Don't be dazzled by easy promises. Stay in control, use AI as a strategic ally and not as a substitute. Only in this way can you make the most of the potential of this technology, while ensuring the consistency and uniqueness of your brand identity. Full speed ahead, innovation is in your hands!

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