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Molteni Vernici

Molteni Vernici, storica azienda italiana produttrice di vernici speciali e finiture di lusso per il design d'interni, ha avviato una partnership strategica con Miramedia, perché certificati come Webflow Experts.

Questa collaborazione ha portato alla migrazione del loro sito da Adobe Muse a Webflow e a tre redesign successivi.

Con una combinazione di tradizione artigianale, design, tecnologia e innovazione, Molteni Vernici crea prodotti Made in Italy di eccellenza, che spaziano dalle vernici personalizzate alle finiture eleganti per esperienze sensoriali uniche.

Riconosciuta con il prestigioso Compasso d'Oro, l'azienda offre soluzioni su misura a studi di architettura, designer, brand e contractor internazionali.

Servizi Forniti

Il nostro contributo

Migrating to Webflow
Site Architecture
DB design
E-commerce and SEO

Directions del Cliente

Smooth migration from old platform
Localization in 5 languages
Integrated e-commerce
Usability and style suitable for professional users

Le fasi del Progetto

Perché Rebuilding Sisma Project

Le fasi del Progetto

Needs Analysis and Planning

The first step was to fully understand how to deal with the renovation of a complex website like that of Molteni Vernici. The site included important archives to be reorganized into interconnected databases. Our analysis revealed the need to manage 50 different collections, more than 200 products in portfolios with more than 1000 color variations, all presented in five languages. We also considered managing more than 140 moodboards, more than 200 news per language and a press area with articles from the major Architecture and Design magazines.

Content Migration and Organization

Using Webflow's advanced features and the expertise of our team, we migrated and reorganized all content efficiently. The challenge was to structure the site from day one to avoid remakes that could have compromised ranking and indexing. We have created interconnected databases to manage the significant amount of information and ensure a clear and accessible presentation.

Design and Development

The design selected by Molteni Vernici has been reflected in the various static and dynamic pages of the site. The result was an elegant and functional site, which today has more than 3500 pages. Each page has been designed to reflect the visual identity of Molteni Vernici, ensuring consistency and an optimal user experience. Webflow has allowed us to have the necessary flexibility to customize the design in line with the customer's needs.

SEO Optimization and Ranking

A specific activity was dedicated to the optimization of indexing and ranking on search engines. We have implemented advanced SEO techniques to improve the visibility of the site and maintain its positioning on search engines. These efforts have led to significant results over time, increasing organic traffic and supporting the online shop, where Molteni Vernici sells specific kits for Architects, Designers and Craftsmen in the sector looking for modern and particularly refined and current finishes.

Scalability and Continuous Collaboration

Thanks to the advanced features of Webflow, the Molteni Vernici site is highly scalable and allows fluid collaboration between the internal team of editors and MIRAMEDIA. Webflow offers an intuitive and powerful CMS, which allows the Molteni Vernici team to update the contents independently, maintaining the flexibility necessary to adapt to the company's evolving needs. Our agency continues to provide support to develop new features requested by the customer or offered by integrations with external platforms. This continuous collaboration ensures that the site always stays up to date with trends, performs and in line with the strategic objectives of Molteni Vernici.

The collaboration with Molteni Vernici has demonstrated our ability to manage complex projects and to provide customized and high-quality web solutions. Thanks to our expertise, the Molteni Vernici site has become a powerful communication and sales tool, improving brand visibility and facilitating the management of information and content. MIRAMEDIA continues to be a reliable and strategic partner, supporting Molteni Vernici in all its digital needs.

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