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La nostra collaborazione con l'Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala è nata quando, tra numerose web agency di tutta Europa, siamo stati scelti per rinnovare e riorganizzare il loro sito web.

Trasformarlo in uno strumento di comunicazione moderno e facilmente gestibile dallo staff dell'ufficio stampa e comunicazione è stata una sfida entusiasmante.

Grazie alla nostra esperienza e competenza e all’adozione di innovative piattaforme tecnologiche integrabili, abbiamo sviluppato un sito all'avanguardia che soddisfa appieno le esigenze specifiche della Filarmonica, consolidando il nostro ruolo di partner fidato per tutte le loro attività di comunicazione digitale annuali.

Servizi Forniti

Il nostro contributo

Migrating to Webflow
Site Restructuring
Js integrations
Maintenance and SEO

Directions del Cliente

Convenient internal management
Reorganization of Smart archives
User-side usability
General Performance and Search Engine Indexing

Le fasi del Progetto

Perché Rebuilding Sisma Project

Le fasi del Progetto

Needs Analysis

The first phase of the project involved an in-depth analysis of the special needs of the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra Association, one of the most prestigious international philharmonic orchestras. With more than 1800 concerts since 1982, the Philharmonic of La Scala needed a new website, which reflected current design canons and was able to manage a vast and complex archive of events, tracks, conductors, soloists and choirs. We worked closely with the Philharmonic team to fully understand their needs and define the objectives of the new site.

Design and Technological Platform

The technological platform identified to be able to create the new architecture of the site and the exclusive design was Webflow, chosen not only for its versatility but also for reliability, performance and security. This platform allowed us to create graphics coordinated with the Visual Identity of the Philharmonic, maintaining the style designed by the Milanese designer Alessandro Marchesi. We designed the site in a dynamic and modern way, ensuring that it could effectively host and organize all the orchestra's content, including images, videos, room booklets and press releases.

Content Migration and Organization

One of the main challenges was the migration of the historical archive of events, available only in individual, non-uniform Excel files. We have carried out a work of normalizing and standardizing data to create databases that can be managed directly in Webflow. This allows editors to independently update and create the pages of events, concert data, tracks and artists, soloists and choirs, and to be able to use the data also as filters in the Archive, Concert Calendar and Tour pages, significantly improving the user experience.

Organization of Complementary Contents

In addition to the events, we have organized complementary content for the pages of the history of the orchestra, its members, the Teatro alla Scala and the vast discography available on streaming platforms. The Media section of the site also includes the video contents of the Philharmonic's YouTube channel, making them accessible directly on the site. The home page has been designed to show upcoming events, divided by category, facilitating quick access to relevant information.

Technical SEO and Optimization

A specific activity was dedicated to advanced technical SEO, including the redirection of old URLs to new ones generated by the new, much more SEO-friendly architecture of the site. This has made it possible to improve page indexing and search engine ranking. The promotion of events has significantly improved, as has the total number of visits, visitors and the average time on the site. We have also integrated tools for collecting and analyzing data, allowing you to monitor trends and site performance on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to our collaboration, the Philharmonic of La Scala now has a modern and functional website, able to effectively support their communication and promotion activities. The satisfaction of the internal team is evidenced by the simplicity of the CMS editor and the integrations that facilitate the management of content and user preferences. MIRAMEDIA continues to be a trusted partner, supporting the Philharmonic in every new digital challenge.

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