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Spoleto Festival

Da oltre sei decenni, il Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto rappresenta un'autentica celebrazione dell'arte performativa, un crocevia di culture che abbraccia l'opera, la musica, la danza, il teatro e le arti visive provenienti da ogni angolo del globo.

Con oltre 600 artisti coinvolti e 60 spettacoli dislocati in 20 suggestive location in 17 giorni, questo antico festival è un vero scrigno di esperienze artistiche uniche.

Eppure, la sua presenza online non rifletteva appieno questo prestigio. Il sito andava rinnovato per esaltare l'intero programma e preservare l'immenso archivio delle passate edizioni. Miramedia è stata chiamata a ridare la giusta collocazione digitale a questa eccellenza culturale italiana, all'altezza della sua fama mondiale.

Servizi Forniti

Il nostro contributo

New Site Architecture
UI/UX web design
Connecting to external platforms
Extra integrations

Directions del Cliente

Safety and reliability
Performance and Conversions
Full autonomy from the backend
Continuous scalability

Le fasi del Progetto

Perché Rebuilding Sisma Project

Le fasi del Progetto

Initial situation

The initial situation saw the presence of a relatively recent website created in WordPress to manage the 2022 editions, as well as individual sites for each edition from 2021 to 2008. These sites were built with obsolete technologies (ASP, Flash), some of them no longer working and many not responsive. There was no interconnection between the various editions, making it impossible to search for information and navigate through all the editions.

Vulnerability and Security

One of the most significant problems concerned the number of external plug-ins that the WordPress site of the current edition had to include to perform the functions requested by the staff responsible for inserting the events. Since WordPress is an open source platform, security vulnerabilities are known to be resolved with continuous updates. However, these updates do not always match those of the plug-in developers, exposing the Festival site to security risks that could have compromised the Festival's success. From this point of view, Webflow represents a much safer and more reliable platform, following the international SOC2 TypeII protocols and being compliant with CCPA and GDPR regulations [links]

Flexibility and speed of response

An additional need was to respond quickly and promptly to requests for additional implementations of pages and functionalities requested by the organizational and marketing team. The lack of flexibility of WordPress in this area requires the modification of the template's source codes by developers with deep knowledge of WordPress, representing a cost and causing delays and blocks in the work of the team that needs to enter information on the site on a daily basis.

Webflow migration and graphic design

The solution proposed by Miramedia was to migrate all the events of the old editions and the entire site from WordPress to Webflow, allowing all the Festival's historical heritage to be contained within a more efficient and secure technological platform. In addition to the migration, a complete graphic redesign of the site was carried out. The pages have been redesigned with a modern, intuitive and responsive design, ensuring optimal navigation on any device. The aesthetics of the site have been taken care of down to the smallest detail to reflect the artistic and cultural identity of the Festival, while improving the user experience and the ease of access to information.

Benefits of migration

In addition to the most sought after pages such as Calendar, Program and Ticket Office, the site also includes pages that represent the history of the Festival of Two Worlds, guides and itineraries recommended for discovering the beauty of Spoleto and surrounding places, pages dedicated to the organization, sponsors and patrons who contribute to the success and success of the festival, appreciated every year by Italian and foreign audiences. The benefits of collecting all previous editions on a single site have also had a very positive impact on indexing by search engines, which were provided with a sitemap with more than 4700 pages. Visits, both from Italy and abroad, the number of pages per visit, the average time spent on the pages and the number of conversions have increased significantly. Everything is naturally measurable with analysis systems, including the number of clicks on the 'buy', 'book' buttons and the subsequent communication with the ticketing platform.

The project to reorganize the Spoleto Festival site has led to a more efficient, secure platform and much more user-friendly management by the organizers and the editorial staff of the Festival. The migration to Webflow and the complete graphic redesign have made it possible to meet the needs of the organizational and marketing team, while improving security and indexing on search engines. The new site not only offers a better user experience, but also preserves the Festival's historical heritage, contributing to its continued success.

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