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Digital Marketing in Italy: Challenges and Solutions for SMEs

I open the email and find an interesting article by Sole 24 Ore,”In Italy there is little investment in marketing and communication, why?”.

My professional childhood in the world of communication began in the years following Carosello, when color TV was a novelty and Japanese cartoons like Goldrake and Mazinga Z dominated the scene.

At that time, large advertising budgets were reserved for larger companies, while SMEs had to be content with fairs, brochures, local radio commercials and investments in the sales force.

Has the situation changed today, with the advent of digital technology? Yes, but not enough, according to theObservatory of the Sun 24 Ore.

There are many numbers and you can find them in the article (I'll leave you the link below), but I would focus on an important fact: Italy invests only 0.47% of GDP in marketing, a much lower value than other advanced countries.

This fact highlights a lack of attention to the potential of marketing as a strategic lever for business growth.

But what obstacles Are investments holding back in digital marketing in Italy, despite its crucial role for business growth?

Let's try to find out together:

  • Lack of digital culture: within SMEs there is a lack of adequate digital and marketing skills, limiting the adoption of new technologies.
  • Resistance to change: SMEs often prefer traditional methods, underestimating the effectiveness of digital marketing.
  • Lack of resources: small businesses struggle to find sufficient budgets for innovative marketing strategies
  • Difficulty measuring ROI: measuring the effectiveness of digital campaigns can be complex and discourage further investment.

These points represent important but surmountable challenges. With greater digital literacy and an approach that is more open to change, even SMEs can fully exploit the potential of digital marketing.

Discover solutions to improve the digital marketing of Italian SMEs.

To address critical issues and improve investment in marketing and communication, it is necessary to:

  • Training and continuous updating: Companies should invest in training their staff, especially managers, to develop advanced digital skills. Refresher courses and workshops can make a difference.
  • Using accessible digital tools: SMEs can take advantage of low-cost but effective digital marketing tools, such as social media, content marketing and pay-per-click campaigns. There are many platforms and software that offer scalable solutions suitable for small budgets.
  • Collaboration with industry experts: Relying on consultants or specialized marketing agencies can help SMEs to develop targeted strategies and optimize available resources. Collaboration with external experts can provide new perspectives and specific skills.
  • ROI measurement and analysis: Implementing systems for monitoring and analyzing the performance of marketing campaigns is essential. Using analytics tools makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies adopted and to make possible improvements.
  • Culture of innovation: Promoting a corporate culture open to innovation and change is crucial. SMEs must be willing to experiment with new technologies and marketing methods, quickly adapting to market developments.

Of course, especially in recent years, digital has become a complex world and governed by algorithms and this can be seen as an insurmountable obstacle.

But for an entrepreneur, deciding not to act can mean losing market share and development opportunities.

Those like us who deal with consultancy in the Digital sector must learn to take charge of share and transfer to the customer that part of the know-how and competence that serve to understand how the essential tools to its growth.

Is it easy? No, it's not at all. In some cases it takes a lot listening skills and immeasurable patience.

However, our success is measured by success of our customers, and for this reason it is always worth working hard and trying to throw your heart over the obstacle.

This is the link to the Sole 24 Ore article:

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