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InArt Management

InArt Management è il punto di riferimento milanese per artisti e teatri di fama internazionale.

Fondata nel 2011, questa agenzia d'avanguardia offre servizi di gestione, consulenza e promozione strategica alle eccellenze della scena musicale europea. Con sezioni dedicate ad artisti, direttori, registi, scenografi e compositori, InArt necessitava di un nuovo portale web all'altezza del suo prestigio.

Miramedia è stata incaricata di dare vita a questa sfida digitale, migrando la vecchia piattaforma ormai obsoleta verso una soluzione moderna,  specchio fedele dello stile e della visione dell'agenzia.

Servizi Forniti

Il nostro contributo

Webflow site development
Database, Integration

Directions del Cliente

Style and modern image of the Site
International Look & Feel
Easy internal management
Future scalability without limitations

Le fasi del Progetto

Perché Rebuilding Sisma Project

Le fasi del Progetto

Graphic Proposal and UX/UI

Our graphic proposal and UX/UI design have been designed to enhance artistic content while maintaining a modern and minimalist style. We chose Webflow as our platform, which allowed us to reorganize all the information into simple and intuitive databases. This approach facilitates internal management through Webflow's customized CMS editor, which is designed to be easily used even by personnel without special IT skills.

Content Organization and Functionality

The reorganization of the contents was essential to improve the usability of the site. We have implemented a fluid and simple search system, which allows you to find artists by category, name or any other relevant term. The site was created in two languages, Italian and English, to reach an international audience, a fundamental peculiarity for InArt customers.

Multimedia Presentation

The possibility of presenting additional information in the artist sheet, such as images and videos through an elegant Lightbox, and the discography present on streaming platforms, was an essential feature. This has made it possible to enrich the user experience and to provide a complete overview of the works of the artists managed by inArt.

SEO and Integration

Special attention has been paid to SEO and indexing. Despite the migration, we have maintained and improved pre-existing indexing through the strategic use of redirects, allowing Google to continue to track old URLs on new site content. In addition, the integration with an external server allows InArt to share media (images and videos) only with its customers, selected according to the needs of the theater or international festival and concert organizations.


The new InArt Management platform, developed by MIRAMEDIA, reflects a perfect balance between modern aesthetics and advanced functionality. Our solution has not only improved the user experience, but it has also facilitated internal content management, while ensuring excellent indexing on search engines. This collaboration continues to be a success, supporting InArt in its role as a leader in international artistic management.

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